Back in the 90’s as we lugged our backpacks halfway round the globe, the only way to find a good hotel, was to thumb through a battered guide book and roll up at the pick of the budget section. True, the wallets of our younger selves didn’t stretch to concerns about style, but we have to admit, we rarely turned our noses up at a well-hung hammock or batch of homemade pancakes. And it was those little luxuries, - the ones that didn’t cost the earth, but made the memory special – that really made our stay. We may have grown stouter and ditched the day-glow tank, but for us this is still what travel is all about: little, simple luxuries in far-flung places. And it’s why we started Islandesia : to extract the very best beach holidays from the millions on offer.

Eric in Flores Island

The Geek

I know, I know, it’s all about the getaway, but how many of us these days can afford to totally disconnect? One of the great things about travel in this new millennium is that we can idle in the sun and if we really can’t manage that electro-detox, still be in touch. Rico is our in-house wired-up wonder, ensuring that the wake-up calls actually work, the wifi signal is blasting and the Pina Colada is properly chilled. If you track him on Google maps, you’ll see his traces in some 60 different countries, but right now, he’s most likely snoozing under a coco palm.

Jane in Borneo

The Girl

With 15 years experience in the travel industry – leading, booking and designing tours – Jane has filled many a passport and worn out more than one pair of favourite flip-flops. Always on the look-out for that quirky-touch, she is our style guru. Others have suggested that this role may just have been given to her because she’s um, well she’s the only girl on the team, but since Rico is a pretty hot cook, this theory has since been shattered. If she's not in a local craft store, Jane can best be found by following her prints to the hotel spa.

Nicolas in Bali

The Beachboy

He’s got the tan, the six-pack and can at times be persuaded to pick up a surfboard. Ok, so I’ve yet to hear a personal rendition of the great Californian hit, but I can guarantee that our Nick has certainly “got around”. Living in three different continents before finally settling in Singapore, he is our Asia specialist and his forte – naturally - is checking out the aquatic offerings of our chosen destinations. If he’s not on the beach, you’ll find him in the gym. is a production of Dancing Dragon Pte. Ltd., Singapore.