There are thousands of destinations, beaches and hotels… But which are the best?
It's not all about cost. We have created the "Beach Score" combining price, amenities, beach distance and reviews.
Just look for the little blue parasols next to the hotel name:

5 blue parasols: Excellent
4 blue parasols: Very Good
3 blue parasols: Good
2 blue parasols: Average
1 blue parasol: Fair

The Beach Score is based on some 20 pieces of information, which we have fed to our magic algorithmic machine (which is itself hidden in a box, somewhere on a deserted Caribbean island)… We can't reveal the whole recipe, but since we're between friends, we can share a few of the key ingredients.
- Price: the cheaper the hotel, the higher the Beach score. Logical.
- Amenities: so you like a free breakfast, free wifi and a nice pool? Our machine does too.
- Beach distance: well there's a huge difference between jumping from your balcony straight into the sea and driving, biking or walking 2 kilometers in the blazing sun. Yep! We thought of that one too.
- Reviews: of course, what other guests think counts too. Personal feedback is one of our prime resources.

So, an expensive, luxury hotel may have the same Beach Score as a small, family-run guesthouse. All's fair when it comes to making the right choice, so check out those parasols and find your perfect beach vacation!